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Bolt Tensioners

A bolt is designed to hold two or more components together. When employing a Bolt Tensioner to tighten the components the only force applied to the bolt is purely axial.  Torsion which is generated due to friction in the threads and between the nut and its counterface when using torque wrenches etc. is totally eliminated.
Bolt Tensioners are usually removed from the bolt connection after pre-tensioning. In comparison hydraulic nuts remain on the bolt connection.

Accuracy / Safety
Since  pre-tensioning is purely axial and only varies by a small percentage, bolts can be accurately tightened up to the yield strength of the material being used and maintain satisfactory safety factors.

Simultaneous Tensioning of multiple Bolts
“Crossover tightening” of several bolts at several points is no longer necessary.  Where an application has large numbers of bolts to be pre-tensioned, Bolt Tensioners  offer the possibility of tightening all the bolt connections simultaneously with exactly the same tensioning force.  This also applies when increasing the tensioning force.

Application Areas

General Mechanical Engineering
Metal Industry
Structural  and Civil Engineering
Refineries, Chemical industry
Powerplant  Technology
Onshore / offshore
Research Technology

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