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Grip Loc

GripLoc is a highly efficient method of connecting Parallel shafts together, where design parameters or space limitations restrict the use of flanges as a connecting method.
GripLoc couplings are the optimum solution wherever high torques (forces) must be transmitted; it is ideal where the application requires easy and quick assembly and removal.

Basic Function
The GripLoc Coupling is positioned centrally over the two ends of the shafts to be connected.
A low hydraulic pressure is applied radially between the inner and outer sleeves, this generates a liquid film, which expands the outer sleeve over almost its full length and eliminates all ‘surface’ to ‘surface’ contact with the inner sleeve. The radial hydraulic connection is then locked.
A high pressure connection is then applied to the hydraulic nut which is employed to generate an axial force.

By increasing the pressure into the hydraulic nut, the outer sleeve is moved along the tapered inner sleeve to the required position necessary for generating the radial press fit. At the same time the increase in radial pressure continues to prevent the radial surfaces coming into contact.
The SafeLoc element is then attached and positioned against the outer sleeve.
The axial pressure within the nut is increased to a maximum to ensure that the tapered outer sleeve is secure between the hydraulic nut and SafeLoc.

The radial pressure is now released causing the outer sleeve to contract or shrink onto the inner sleeve, thus producing a radial pressing force to the shafts. The friction connection is now complete.
After a short waiting time the axial pressure can be released. Depending on which version of GripLoc is employed the hydraulic nut can be left in position or removed.

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